Our board consists of entrepreneurs, managers and business professionals who have been active in Spain for quite some time. They come from different branches, in order to highlight doing business in Spain from different perspectives. They volunteer their time to organize events for the DBC and in addition they are available for advice and good counsel for the Dutch who want to be successful in Spain. Meet our board members.

Frank Diephuis studied Technical Business Administration in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has a Masters in Logistics from the American Production and Inventory Control Society and in Business Administration and Strategy from the MBA Business School in Las Palmas.

A significant part of his corporate career he worked in logistics. He was the general manager at Philips on the Canary Islands for several years (dream job), then logistics manager for Spain and Portugal and global supply chain manager at Nokia Networks. In 2002 he decided to end his corporate career and since then he has been working as an independent international business development consultant for companies including Santullan (mining) and WorkFlowWise software. He is also the owner of InnSpain Lodgings. His passion lies in adding value in innovative ways.

Robert Assink is Managing Director at the Spanish entity of the data center company Interxion, A Digital Realty Company. Since the year 2000 he has been working to contribute to a better-connected world and facilitate the digital ambitions of hundreds of companies, including the most valued companies in the world.

He has an MBA degree of IESE Business School in Barcelona and a BBA of the European University in Antwerp.

Robert lives in Spain since 1992.

Richard van Vliet studied Business Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and followed RA training at the same university.  In 1998 he started his career as an accountant in The Hague, at what was then called Moret & Limperg, which over the years changed to Moret Ernst & Young, Ernst & Young and since, 2014, EY.  In 2003, he made the move to EY in Madrid, hometown of his wife. In 2014, he joined the Spanish partnership and since then he has been ultimately responsible for a multitude of clients, including large international corporations, but certainly also SMEs and even start-ups. Within EY Spain, Richard leads a program developed by EY Global to support entrepreneurs with ambitious growth plans, and moreover is happy to make this knowledge available to the members of the DBC.

Fernando Ekkelenkamp is treasurer for the DBC.

Cheryl Engels is the founder of Proyect Your Best, a company specializing in facilitating customized Vitality programs to organizations. These programs promote a healthy lifestyle for employees, focusing on nutrition, sports and mental health, resulting in improved well-being, productivity and team spirit among colleagues.

Cheryl studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and obtained a Master in Management at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. She has lived in Madrid since 2013.